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Music to a musician is an emotion. It is uplifting and  carries a lot of emotions that can help  our existence in this life! The audience should be able to feel the music not just hear it!  It is," Very spiritual within!"


Full Circle, live, was established in 1999 and is a local group of well seasoned musicians. There are many years of experience from each band member and each possess a "love for music"  which clearly shows in our performances.


Our style is appreciated by many ages and we are truly a dance band,  that can make the audience  feel the funky beat,  the latin percussion or a  ballads emotion.


Our name was derived from the fact of,  many of us have started together and then continued  apart on, "that musician's path," only to end up together again. 


 "Thank  you," to Dora  for noticing and defining the meaning of our name.



Therefore, " Full Circle, live"


thank you, to the creator for our gift, if it is not respected it can be taken away…...






Our Story

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